Thursday, August 29, 2013

What Is Cake?

Cake is an exhibition of new work from artists Nick Howard and Terrence Payne opening this coming October at Rosalux Gallery. Payne and Howard take turns cataloging the human effects of trying to keep your head afloat in an increasingly polarized world of haves and have nots. 

Artist Nick Howard peers into the psychology of the endless hunger people have and questions how they can find freedom within the constraints of their own desires. Howard reflects on how these needs are increasingly based on the consumption of technology, goods, and data and how an individual struggles to find a sense of connection in this flood of isolation. Howards drawings and paintings use a reoccurring cast of oddities to explore these themes of freedom and happiness. 

Artist Terrence Payne probes the motivations of an individual to fulfill their ideas of a better tomorrow. Payne searches for the measure they use to define their own place in society and how their self worth is resolved by the success and failure of others. Terrence uses the pattern, typography, and iconography familiar in his work to challenge his audience into redefining their own place in the world and to ponder how they might influence the perceptions of those around them.